The Creation of Thought

Take it, grasp it,

Own it.

You have nothing to lose.

You have only to win.


Look carefully in your mind,

Look for intuition, not logic.

You can search within,

Forget the material thought.


Be original, take a chance,

Find it among the clutter.

It is not reality, you think it,

Things made from nothing.


Feel it grow within you,

It has been growing in your subconscious.

Recording all that you have said or done since birth,

Replaying as you dream to make sense of it.


No form of reality exists, it is all an illusion.

Take it, grasp it,

Own it.

You have nothing to lose,

You can only win.

Published byJohn Larabee

John Larabee received his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 1973 and his Master Degree in Mathematics and Science Education in 1983, both from Ohio University. He began teaching in 1973 and finished 35 years of teaching in elementary and Junior High English, Science, and Mathematics prior to his retirement in 2008. During his years in the classroom, John developed innovative ways to assist student learning through the development of creative, interactive science units and attention to each student's unique learning style.

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