Welcome Spring

Nothing speaks to spring quite like tree blossoms. We have several fruit trees in our backyard. The blossoms depicted above and below are from our pear tree, one of our youngest/newest additions. I look forward to blossoms every spring, a reminder that life reemerges every year from the frozen ground. In parallel to life, looks can be deceiving. After the harsh winter, death surrounds us, but life waits beneath the surface.

It has been a difficult year.  I watched the pandemic move across the country and, as a nurse, I knew the road ahead would be treacherous for a while.  I have not been a nurse at the bedside for years and after several weeks, I was released to work from home.  My heart grieved and feared for my colleagues as I watched people I have known and loved perish or become permanently disabled.  

Life as I knew it, looked and felt entirely different.  People and activities I cherished were no longer possible in this new COVID world.  I had taken them for granted, believing they would always be there. It never occurred to me that seeing my family or taking a hike would ever become a risky behavior.  

But here we are, and I must take a lesson from the pear blossom.  I see bits of normalcy emerging from the dust of past months.  Today I am hopeful, and it is this hope that fills my mind and heart this morning.  I hope you are filled with hope as well.

On a side note, I would like to welcome our new subscribers and thank everyone, newcomers as well as those who have been with us over time, for just being here with us.  We appreciate you.  It is nice to know others are out there, even when we cannot “see” them.  Give us a shout-out in a comment; let us know how you are doing.  Tell us what you like about our site and what you would like to hear from us in the future.

May peace and blessing be yours,


Published byDebra Larabee

Debra Larabee is a nurse, writer, photographer and lifestyle educator. She received her diploma in nursing in 1981 from Mount Carmel School of Nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in1990 from Capital University. Debra completed post-graduate training in distance education from the Univerity of Maryland and has dedicated her professional life to assisting others in their search for a healthier life.

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